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Stop worrying about your personal media scattered all over the web. YourCopy™ collects everything from your social media accounts into a single place that only you control.

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Your favorite photos, videos and posts are spread across your social media accounts. YourCopy™ creates a beautifully convenient collection by keeping a copy of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content in one place.

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YourCopy™ makes your personal media accessible to you anytime, anywhere from any web browser. It’s easy to browse photos, stream videos, review posts or search for that picture you’ve been looking for.

Your social media, safe & sound.

Calling it “social media” doesn’t mean others should have access to it. Everything you back up to is controlled by you. No data scraping. No targeted ads. Just a secure copy of everything in your social media accounts. And totally accessible no matter what happens to the source social network account.