Why YourCopy™?

We built YourCopy™ for you. Because you deserve a secure and private Digital Vault for everything you’ve ever posted to social media, that is convenient and efficient. All your Social Media content is safely backed up and never gets lost, even if your Social Network account is cancelled.

It's your stuff.

Finally take control of your personal digital content.

Our digital content is more vulnerable today than ever before. Every day seems to bring another headline about compromised data security on some of the world’s largest platforms and services.

Our personal digital content is everywhere – on our phones, in the cloud, posted to our social media accounts, and anywhere in between. There are solutions out there that help us manage some of it, but our digital lives are still scattered all over the place in different accounts and services.


We take data security very seriously. As we like to say – just because they call it “social media”, it doesn’t mean everyone else should have access to it. We are one of the first platforms launched on the .app top-level domain, which means built-in HTTPS and built-in web security for you. Your login, authentication and every piece of content stored in your account are fully encrypted. Our systems employ anti-hacking components to monitor for suspicious activity. And our front-end uses CSRF tokens to prevent cross-site forgery.


It’s about time we started looking at our scattered content as a truly unified media collection that we can browse, search, organize and enjoy in the ways that we want - without being tied down to a specific account or social network.

About Our Team.

Our team is a group of experienced creators and technologists, who have spent years creating solutions in the digital-content space.

We were bothered by a glaring inconsistency. On the one hand, our social media accounts have become the place where we keep our best and brightest personal content, sharing our photos, videos, thoughts and dreams with the world. But on the other hand, this content ends up scattered across multiple accounts and services, in a way which is both unusable and often less than secure.

We looked for a comprehensive system that delivers this utility and security without selling ads or exposing user data to data-scraping and outside processing, but we couldn’t find one.

So, we built it ourselves.

This is our answer. This is YourCopy™.

We’ve got big plans. We invite you to join us.